Pete at work

Be a part of the amazing fantasy world of spray can art. Order your very own original spray can painting produced just for you by Pete Pinza, one of the few legitimate spray can artists in the world today.

If you're not familiar with this art form, the pictures you see on these pages are not computer generated or airbrushed. They are done soley with ordinary spray cans purchased at the local hardware store. There are no copies or prints. Everyone is an original, and no two are ever the same.

Send check or money order to Pete requesting which number you would like, and specify any special colors you would prefer. Be as specific as possible. If you would prefer to combine themes from your own imaginative powers, just let Pete know what you want!! If you wish, leave your telephone number. He may call you from some distant planet to pick your brain.

Pete at the Carmel Art and Wine Festival

Pete will send you an acknowledgement card soon after he receives your request. Expect a lead time of three to four weeks. All paintings are original, made to your order and produced outdoors; so, weather is a determining factor.

Large: Approx A2 (22"X16") is $AUS60

All prices include shipping and handling!!!

For special larger sizes assume approx. $AUS200 per sq meter.

When ordering please use this PRINTABLE ORDER FORM.

or email Pete at

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